Sunday, May 22, 2011

a weekend of bliss & joy

What an INCREDIBLE weekend!!

There is not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that God completely filled my weekend! Babies, graduation celebrations, friends, family & a wedding of two wonderful friends- WOW, what more could a girl ask for?! Oh yeah, there was some time by the pool & a lot of time spent in my car driving back & forth between Greenville & Columbia & some really yummy wedding cake ;) 

Friday I got to FINALLY meet Mr. Charlie Roark & I was fortunate enough to spend a Friday evening with baby Charlie & his big sister, Chandler. They are two precious children, and together with their mommy & daddy they make a precious family. Chandler has the best personality & she is so full of life & always brings a smile to my face :) This was my first time meeting Charlie but he's 4 months old & ALL cheeks & boy, OH BOY, did those cheeks & sweet smile absolutely melt my heart! One thing that I have learned this past year from Dr. Davis is that babies are God's hope for the world.. the entrance of a baby into this world is precious & it shows that God is pleased & wishes to continue our world- what an incredible gift?! Meeting Charlie & spending a Friday night with Charlie & Chandler was EXACTLY what I needed!

Now, let's talk about Saturday, it was a pretty special day! Oh yeah.. that's because two of my best friends became husband & wife!! It's so wild to think that I have friends that are MARRIED but it truly was a blessing to be included in their special day! Seeing Anna walk down the aisle truly warmed my heart, I have never seen 2 people so in love & so happy, as I have Saturday when Anna entered the doors of the church & Spencer saw his bride for the first time. The ceremony was followed by an evening outside with GREAT friends, catching up & laughing until our stomach's hurt. It was such a special night- CONGRATS Anna & Spencer CARY!!! God has blessed A & S with being a significant & big part of one another's lives & I know that God has big things in store for the two of them! I am blessed to have such positive and uplifting friends as the CARY'S! :)

Today was a bittersweet day.. It was my not-so-baby-anymore baby brother's graduation breakfast and recognition at church. I am BEYOND proud of the fella he has become & not a day goes by that I do not thank God for such an awesome little brother. Yes, he aggravates me & pushes my buttons 97% of the time but that's what baby brothers are supposed to do to their big sister's, right? ;) and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world! Seeing the pictures of me & him throughout the years & being able to physically watch him "grow up" in a 10 minute slideshow warmed my heart & reminded me how lucky & blessed I am to be James Weston's big sis! I know that God had big things in store for this kiddo's life & I am lucky enough to be included in parts of that "big plan." 

Another special part about today was the fact that I got to be in a room with ALL my cousins, aunts & uncles & grandparents from BOTH my mom's family & my dad's. I LOVE my family & to have them all in one place, for a special occasion, was truly incredible! It was just one of those small, everyday reminders of how blessed I am to be who I am. My family ROCKS! It was also great that Fran was in town from Hilton Head & that Dustin made the trip from the ATL. :) Today not only included our "real" family but it also included our church family & without BOTH families I would not be the gal I am, and where I am, today! 

What a GREAT weekend! :) and I'm thinking this coming weekend will be just as great! :)

Stay tuned :) 

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